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Grantee Reports

Lead in Drinking Water: A Permanent Solution for New Jersey

Jersey Water Works (October 2019)

This report details actions New Jersey can take to virtually eliminate lead in drinking water in 10 years. Recommendations include a coordinated state-level campaign to address lead from all sources and the importance of passing comprehensive legislation to address the issue. Read the full report here.

Advocates for Children of New Jersey 2019 Annual Report

Advocates for Children of New Jersey (October 2019)

This report outlines the policy victories made over the past year, from protecting children from lead exposure to early childhood investments. Read the full report here.

More Hispanic and Asian Children Uninsured Likely Due to Chilling Effect

New Jersey Policy Perspective (October 2019)

This report that found an increase in the number of uninsured Hispanic and Asian children in New Jersey and how New Jersey can improve healthcare enrollment for these vulnerable populations through targeted strategies at the state level. Read the full report here.

Valuing Our Time: Strengthening New Jersey’s Overtime Law

New Jersey Policy Perspective (October 2019)

This report details the benefits of protecting and strengthening overtime regulations to families in New Jersey and the state’s economy as a whole. Read the full report here.

New Jersey State Development Bank Policy Brief

New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund (October 2019)

This report gives policymakers and the public information about the value of a state bank to advance socially beneficial capital projects throughout New Jersey. Read the full report here.

Value to the Soul: People with Criminal Convictions on the Power of the Vote

New Jersey Institue for Social Justice (October 2019)

This report details the importance of voting and how racial discrimination in the criminal justice system has impacted the voting rights of vulnerable communities. Read the full report here.

Congestion Pricing in NYC: Getting it Right

Regional Plan Association (September 2019)

This report is intended to inform thinking as to how to implement congestion pricing in a fair and effective manner for the greater New York City metropolitan area. The report offers 10 recommendations in system design and implementation and pricing for New Jersey and New York policymakers as they consider the issue. Read the full report here.

Reining in Corporate Tax Subsidies: A Better Economic Development Playbook for New Jersey

New Jersey Policy Perspective (September 2019)

This report describes recommendations to improve the state’s corporate tax subsidy program to ensure it benefits all New Jersey residents and businesses. Read the full report here.

New Jersey’s Teacher Workforce 2019

New Jersey Policy Perspective (September 2019)

This report includes recommendations to strengthen teacher pay, protect teacher benefits and diversify the teaching workforce. Read the full report here.

Renewables on the Rise 2019

Environment New Jersey, in partnership with Environment America and the Frontier Group (August 2019)

This report outlines the growth of alternative energy technologies over the past decade and how effective policy at the state and federal levels has and will continue to strengthen New Jersey’s and the country’s ability to lessen reliance on fossil fuel for energy. Read the full report here.

Adverse Childhood Experiences: Opportunities to Prevent, Protect Against, and Heal from the Effects of ACEs in New Jersey

The Burke Foundation, The Nicholson Foundation, and The Turrell Fund, in partnership with FSG (July 2019)

This report details the challenges New Jersey faces in addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the areas of opportunities for a coordinated statewide response to mitigate the lasting effects on children’s health and well-being. Read the full report here.

Environmental and Social Costs of Natural Gas Pipeline Development in the Delaware River Basin

New Jersey Conservation Foundation (June 2019)

This report found the development of natural gas pipelines and associated infrastructure is resulting in significant costs to the environment and communities in the Delaware River Basin. The costs that can be quantified could be as much as $2.4 billion for two pipelines alone — in addition to costs that can’t yet be quantified. Read the full report here.

Transportation Electrification: Keeping an Eye on Equity

Jersey Renews (June 2019)

This policy brief is broken into down categories of electrification: private vehicles, private fleets, public fleets, and NJ Transit and addresses why electrification of each system matters, who it helps, barriers, and steps to make an electrification a reality. Read the full report here.

Out of Reach 2019

Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey (June 2019)

Jointly released with the National Low Income Housing Coalition, this report describes the housing costs by affordability data for New Jersey and other states nationwide. New Jersey has again ranked in the top five of least affordable states in the nation for more than the last decade. The publishing of this annual report is to encourage community developers, local residents, and public officials to make recommendations to address the state’s affordable housing shortage. Read the full report here.

A Report on the State of Asian Americans in New Jersey

Jersey Promise (May 2019) 

The report details the policy priorities of New Jersey's rapidly growing yet least understood and studied, Asian-American community. The report covers a broad range of topics: demographics and history, family & social issues, public education, economic opportunity, health care, immigration & justice and civic participation, and looks to increase visibility and representation of the community in the Garden State. Read the full report here.

Trenton Kids Count 2019

Advocates for Children of New Jersey (May 2019)

The second Trenton Kids Count report in 20 years provides data on seven areas of child well-being which include demographics, family economic security, child health, child protection, child care, education and data on teens and young adults. Read the full report here.

It’s Time for All Kids Health Coverage: Closing New Jersey’s Major Health Divide for Children

New Jersey Policy Perspective (April 2019)

The report found that 78,00 New Jersey children are currently uninsured - with disparities in health coverage based on race and ethnicity, income, immigration status, and geography - and laid out legislative and administrative recommendations for New Jersey to move towards all kids coverage. Read the full report here.

Reclaiming the American Dream: Expanding Financial Security and Reducing the Racial Wealth Gap Through Matched Savings Accounts

New Jersey Institute for Social Justice (April 2019)

This report proposes a robust state Individual Development Account program to empower residents to build wealth through matched savings accounts, financial education and financial coaching. With today’s national conversation focused on income inequality and proposed solutions, this report expands the discussion beyond income to include methods of building sustainable wealth for economically-deprived communities. Read the full report here.

Abbott Districts: School funding still unconstitutional

Education Law Center (March 2019)

This report explains how 23, or over two-thirds, of New Jersey’s 31 poor urban, or “Abbott,” school districts have budgets in 2018-19 that are below the State’s “adequacy” level. These districts do not have the funding needed to provide their students with a “thorough and efficient” education under the State Constitution, as mandated by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Read the full report here.

Newark Kids Count 2019

Advocates for Children of New Jersey (March 2019)

Published annually since 1997, this report tracks key trends in child health and well-being in New Jersey’s largest city. This year’s data book features a brand new layout with explanations of specific indicators, as well as updates on how certain information is collected and measured. Newark Kids Count includes the latest statistics, along with five-year trend data, on multiple measures of well-being. Read the full report here.

A Preventable Crisis: The economic and human costs of a Hudson River rail tunnel shutdown

Regional Plan Association (February 2019)

This report outlines the economic and social impacts that would be felt by those beyond the Tri-State area's residents, families, and employees because of a failure to invest in one of the nation's most pressing public infrastructure projects - the Gateway Project. Read the full report here.

State of Babies Yearbook 2019

Advocates for Children of New Jersey (February 2019)

The report acts as a resource that provides a national snapshot and comparisons across states of how our youngest children are faring. The Yearbook compiles nearly 60 indicators—specifically for children ages 0 to 3—to measure progress across multiple policy areas. Read the full report here.

New Jersey Non-Profits 2018: Trends and Outlook Survey Results

Center for Non-Profits (February 2019)

The report details non-profit funding and expenses, outlook for the coming year, and actions taken by non-profits to address 2018 trends. Read the full report here.

Targeted Public Investments Can Improve Health Across New Jersey

New Jersey Policy Perspective (February 2019)

The report explains how targeted state investments through budget and tax policy decisions in education, housing, and other socioeconomic and environmental policy areas can eliminate the barriers to a healthy life for New Jerseyans. Read the full report here.

What's Next for Environmental Protection in Congress? A look at where we stand and what lies ahead as the new Congress starts

NJ Conservation Foundation (February 2019)

This policy brief details the federal environmental laws and protections undermined by the current Congress under the Trump administration and urges New Jerseyans to continue to ask congressional members to defend the Principles to Protect our Public Lands, Water, Air and Wildlife. Read the full report here.

Due Process for All: Promoting access to justice for immigrants in New Jersey

American Friends Service Committee (January 2019)

The report shows the human cost of rising immigration arrests across the state and the positive impact that free, legal representation can have on keeping families together and fighting deportation. When low-income families do not have access to competent immigration counsel, they cannot take advantage of the laws meant to protect them, and they often do not know if they have valid challenges to deportation. Read the full report here.

State of the Pinelands 2018

Pinelands Preservation Alliance (January 2019)

In the 12th anniversary issue of its annual report, Pinelands Preservation Alliance reviewed public policy actions of the past year, outlining their impacts on the region and highlighting opportunities for the administration to better protect the Pinelands Natural Reserve. Read the full report here.