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Grantee Reports

Issues New Jersey Voters Encountered from October 15 through November 3, 2020


New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, ACLU-NJ, and League of Women Voters of NJ (April 2021)

Fund grantees New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, ACLU-NJ, and League of Women Voters of NJ, together with members of the New Jersey Election Protection Coalition, release a report, Issues New Jersey Voters Encountered from October 15 through November 3, 2020. The report highlights the challenges posed in an election cycle during a global pandemic and notes that New Jersey administered a safe and sound election despite these challenges. Read more here.


Warehouse Sprawl: Plan Now or Suffer the Consequences.


New Jersey Future (March 2021)

New Jersey Future released a report, Warehouse Sprawl: Plan Now or Suffer the Consequences. The report looks at the growth of e-commerce, the volume of trade at the Port of New York and New Jersey, and how it has increased the amount of land needed for warehousing. The report calls for a regional perspective to ensure that Port-oriented storage and distribution functions are not consuming outlying lands that are better used for farming, recreation, or some other non-industrial use and that redevelopment opportunities near the Port that are ideal for warehousing aren’t instead allocated to some other land use that lacks the same location constraints. Read more here.


New Jersey Policy Perspective


New Jersey Policy Perspective (March 2021)

New Jersey Policy Perspective released a report, Roadmap to Electrifying New Jersey's Public Bus Fleet. The report examines the critical benefits of public transit, particularly for people of color and low-income populations. It also describes the environmental and public health perils of a diesel-based fleet and reviews electric buses' environmental and health benefits. The report offers funding recommendations along with recommendations for a smoother and more equitable transition from diesel to electric public buses. Read more here.


Trends and Outlooks

​​​​The Center for Non-Profits (February 2021)

The Center for Non-Profits released a report, Trends and Outlooks. The report is the latest in a series of annual surveys designed to gauge trends, experience, and expectations among New Jersey nonprofit organizations and explore the effects of the economy on New Jersey’s charitable community. This year the report also included the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the nonprofit sector. Read more here. 


 Respect and Dignity 


Make the Road NJ (February 2021)

Make the Road NJ released a report, Respect and Dignity, setting forth a four-year platform that advocates for reforms on the state and federal level in immigration, worker’s rights, housing, access to aid, health care, criminal justice, and democracy. Recommendations come from a participatory and iterative process with membership, including meetings, and workshops and are voted on and approved by Make the Road NJ membership. Read more here.


From Courthouse to Statehouse and Back Again


Education Law Center (February 2021)

Education Law Center released a report, From Courthouse to Statehouse and Back Again. The report analyzes how different strategies from litigation to research to grassroots organizing to communicating with the public can combine to achieve successful school funding reform in states. The report is the first of its kind in the field to explore these approaches in school funding reform. Read more here. 


The “Whitening” of Camden’s Teachers

New Jersey Policy Perspective (February 2021)

This report looks at the city of Camden, NJ, where the city now employs fewer Black teachers and more white teachers than it did two decades ago. The decline in Black teachers is primarily attributed to charter and renaissance school expansion, where charter schools are hiring fewer teachers of color. This expansion has also resulted in a less experienced workforce, as charter and renaissance teachers have far less experience than Camden City School District teachers. Read more here.

The Geography of Poverty and Race in New Jersey

New Jersey Future (January 2021)

This report analyzes geographic trends in poverty in New Jersey over the past two decades. The analysis shows that the number of poor neighborhoods in New Jersey is growing, as is the concentration of poverty. Read more here.

Infrastructure for Recovery and Renewal

Regional Plan Association (January 2021)

This report looks at how a federal infrastructure program can lift the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region. The report describes how the nation's recovery demands an infrastructure program that creates jobs, reduces racial and economic inequality, builds healthier communities, and prepares the U.S for climate change and public health emergencies. Read more here.