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Grantee Reports

School Funding in New Jersey: A Fair Future for All

New Jersey Policy Perspective (November 2020)

This report provides an in-depth look at the current state of school finance in New Jersey, including how the state got here, consequences for students, and how the state should proceed in the face of the current crisis. Read more here


Black and Brown in New Jersey: The Garden State's Shameful Racial Wealth Gap

The NJ Institute for Social Justice (October 2020)

This report highlights the staggering racial disparities in wealth and other financial factors between Black and Latinx New Jerseyans and their white peers. Read more here.


Unprecedented and Unequal: Racial Inequities in the COVID-19 Pandemic

New Jersey Policy Perspective (October 2020)

This report examines racial disparities in New Jersey throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and suggests policy solutions to alleviate these problems and build more equitable conditions for the future. Read more here.


The Black-White Homeownership Gap in New Jersey

New Jersey Future (September 2020)

New Jersey Future released a report that explores the differential in black and white homeownership rates across the state. The homeownership rate for Black households in New Jersey, at 41.0%, lags almost 36 percentage points behind the homeownership rate for non-Hispanic white families (76.9%). Read more here.


Broadband for All: The Geography of Digital Equity in New Jersey

New Jersey Future (September 2020)

This report takes a look at the digital divide in NJ and how broadband access is just another symptom of federal and state policies that continue to segregate New Jerseyans by race and income. Read more here.


Health Justice Strategies to Eradicate Lead Poisoning: An Urgent Call to Action to Safeguard Future Generations

The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative (September 2020)

This report provides a comprehensive examination of best practices for addressing lead poisoning and proposes urgent reform measures at the local and state levels. Read more here.


The Pandemic v. Schools: States Must Guide Schools on Reopening, Slowing Spread of Virus

New Jersey Work Environment Council (July 2020)

This report suggests how to make school facilities as safe as possible for students and staff as the state begins to reopen. Read the full report here.

Building a More Immigrant Inclusive Tax Code: Expanding the EITC to ITIN Filers

New Jersey Policy Perspective (July 2020)

This report describes how New Jersey can create a fairer and more inclusive tax code by expanding the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit to immigrants who file taxes with an Individual Tax Identification Number. Read the full report here.

Roadmap Toward a Just, Green Recovery

Jersey Renews (June 2020)

This report outlines 10 recommendations intended to guide the process for New Jersey’s reopening and long-term just and green recovery that will simultaneously stimulate the economy. Read the full report here.

Riders' Recommendations for the Post-COVID Commute

Tri-State Transportation Campaign (June 2020)

This report surveyed over 1,000 public transit riders across New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut about their thoughts on what they need to see from transit agencies in order to feel safe riding on trains and buses as the economy reopens. Read the full report here.

Back on Board: A Guide to Safe(r) Transit in the Era of COVID-19

Tri-State Transportation Campaign (June 2020)

This report is aimed at public transit agencies, government officials, riders, and businesses to understand how to make mass transit safer in the COVID era. The report features over 50 recommendations to make transit safer for riders during and after the pandemic crisis. Read the full report here.

Strengthen and Expand NJ's Earned Sick Days Law: To meet workers’ needs during the COVID19 crisis and beyond

New Jersey Policy Perspective (June 2020)

This report, in collaboration with the Time to Care Coalition, outlines recommendations to strengthen and expand the state’s earned sick days law to meet workers’ needs during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Read the full report here.

Road to Recovery: Reforming New Jersey’s Income Tax Code

New Jersey Policy Perspective (June 2020)

This report proposes recommended revisions to the state’s income tax code to raise revenue to strengthen the state’s recovery from the pandemic crisis. Read the full report here.

Unemployment Insurance Taxes Paid by Undocumented Workers Top $1 Billion

New Jersey Policy Perspective (June 2020)

This report outlines the unemployment insurance taxes paid by undocumented workers in New Jersey, but from which they are excluded from receiving. Read the full report here.

A Safe and Just Return to Work

New Jersey Work Environment Council (June 2020)

This report, published in partnership with the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health, outlines comprehensive guidelines for workplace safety, worker participation, and fair compensation for sick, injured, and at-risk workers. The report’s purpose is to help protect and empower workers to build a more inclusive an equitable economy and to end health, social and economic disparities. Read the full report here.

Toeing the Line: New Jersey Primary Ballots Enable Party Insiders to Pick Winners

New Jersey Policy Perspective (June 2020)

This report reviews New Jersey’s many county primary ballot designs and compares them to ballot designs from other jurisdictions across the country. New Jersey’s confusing ballot designs often lead to voters incorrectly filling out the ballot and following the “party line” to the benefit of the majority county party organization. Read the full report here.

A Framework for Reopening Child Care in New Jersey

Advocates for Children of New Jersey (May 2020)

This breif outlines policy recommendations regarding what child care needs in order to reopen based on feedback from early childhood providers as the state takes steps to fully reopen. Read the full brief here.

New Jersey’s Shrinking Pool Of Teacher Candidates

New Jersey Policy Perspective (May 2020)

This report examines the drop in candidates enrolling in, and graduating from, teacher preparation programs in New Jersey and how this coincides with state policies that cut pay, benefits, and worker protections for educators. Read the full report here.

Years of Disinvestment Hamper New Jersey’s Pandemic Response

New Jersey Policy Perspective (April 2020)

This report details how a decade of budget cuts to critical state departments came at a cost to public health and economic security, especially during a time of crisis when the demand for services is at an all-time high. Read the full report here.

Essential and Excluded: A Survey of New Jersey Immigrants under COVID-19

Make The Road New Jersey (April 2020)

This report reveals the disparities in access to health care, financial insecurity, and labor rights violations and proposes recommendations based on testimony from its members. Read the full report here.

A Tale of Two Countries: Racially Targeted Arrests in the Era of Marijuana Reform

American Civil Liberties Union National (April 2020)

This report demonstrates how racial disparities in arrests nationwide continue to persist and have not improved in recent years, and overall marijuana arrests are still widespread. Read the full report here.

COVID-19 and Students with Disabilities Frequently Asked Questions

Education Law Center (April 2020)

This brief serves as an informational guide regarding a child with a disability’s educational rights during this time. Read the full report here.

Erasing New Jersey's Red Lines: Reducing the Racial Wealth Gap through Homeownership and Investment in Communities of Color

New Jersey Institute for Social Justice (April 2020)

This report highlights the structural racism embedded in New Jersey’s housing policy through nationwide government policies called “redlining” that excluded Black and other non-white families from owning a home in certain areas. The report proposes six recommendations to help close the racial wealth gap caused in part by these historic policies. Read the full report here.

Newark Kids Count 2020

Advocates for Children of New Jersey (March 2020)

This report is the latest data on Newark children and making Newark count in the 2020 Census, including census tract maps on hard-to-count populations in the city. Read the full report here.

The Gap: A Shortage of Affordable Rental Homes

Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey (March 2020)

This report, in collaboration with the National Low Income Housing Coalition, demonstrates how difficult it is for New Jersey’s low income renters to find homes that are affordable in the current rental market. Read the full report here.

The COVID-19 Crisis Proves the Point: New Jersey Needs More Revenue to Support Workers, Families, and Businesses

New Jersey Policy Perspective (March 2020)

This report outlines the need for New Jersey to continue to raise revenue in order for the state to adequately protect public service programs and those most at-risk in the aftermath of a global pandemic. Read the full report here.

New Jersey Non-Profits 2019: Trends and Outlook Survey Results

Center for Non-Profits (February 2020)

The report details non-profit funding and expenses, outlook for the coming year, and actions taken by non-profits to address 2019 trends. Read the full report here.

Always “On Duty”: Women's Schedules in New Jersey’s Retail, Food Service, and Logistics Industries

Rutgers University Center for Women and Work (January 2020)

This report highlights how women working in the retail, food service, and logistics industries experience unpredictable work schedules. Workers who do not enjoy predictable schedules reported frustration with scheduling doctor’s appointments, paying late fees at childcare pickup, and letting co-workers down when they are unable to meet the demands of last-minute schedule notices and changes. Read the full report here.