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Grantee Reports

Litigating Under the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, A Guide for Advocates

The Education Law Center (February, 2024)

The Education Law Center released this policy guide designed to educate both parents and attorneys on key provisions of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. Read more here.

Two New Jerseys: One State of Inequity

New Jersey Institute for Social Justice (February, 2024)

The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, released Two New Jerseys: One State of Inequity. A county-by-county data analysis addressing the stark economic disparities impacting the everyday lives of Black and other families of color in New Jersey. Read more here.

Guide to Local Climate Change Adaptation Planning

New Jersey Future (January, 2024)

New Jersey Future’s Guide to Local Climate Change Adaptation Planning encourages local action to ensure that people and communities are less vulnerable to climate hazards like extreme heat, severe storms, and persistent flooding to name a few. The guide further explains how hazard assessments, proper adaptation and implementation can mark significant safety changes. Read more here.

State of the Pinelands

Pinelands Preservation Alliance (January, 2024)

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance’s annual publication assesses federal, state, and local efforts to preserve and protect the Pinelands National Reserve. The report uses a “thumbs up or thumbs down” rating system to show when appropriate or detrimental actions were taken. Read more here.