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Intersecting Crises

In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the protests that followed, the Trustees of The Fund for New Jersey have issued a statement that reaffirms The Fund’s commitment to achieving racial justice in New Jersey through investment in policy reforms in housing, education, criminal justice, economic justice, and public health.  The statement provides data and analysis on the interconnected crises of structural racism and COVID-19 in New Jersey. Now, recognizing this opportunity for systemic change, The Fund for New Jersey is increasing its commitment to address structural racism. Read the press release here and the full statement here.

Winter 2021 Grantee News

To learn more about recent efforts by The Fund's grantees, read our Winter 2021 grantee news update.

Fourth Quarter Grants Awarded

The Fund for New Jersey is proud to announce that for the fourth quarter of 2020 it has awarded grants in the total amount of $412,000 to advance public policies in the areas of environmental justice, health equity, economic equity and public media. Read the full press release here.

Fall 2020 Grantee News

To learn more about recent efforts by The Fund's grantees, read our Fall 2020 grantee news update.

Democracy in New Jersey

There are many reasons to cheer New Jersey's democratic well-being and there are also reasons to worry. There are many opportunities for action in increasing representation in redistricting, the safety and access of voting and voting systems in the state, and other areas of democratic importance. Read the full policy paper here.