Prologue: At the Crossroads

Despite New Jersey’s strengths – our location so close to major markets, our diverse and talented population, our history of prioritizing education and environmental protection – the future prosperity of our state is at risk. We have, for years, refused to make the public investments needed for New Jersey’s communities to thrive and, by those decisions, have squandered our potential.  We must, now, face the consequences of our choices, both the pressing needs we have ignored and the continuing impacts of the 2008 recession and Superstorm Sandy. 

Yet, the “crossroads” we have reached is also a time of opportunity. The election of a new governor and a new Legislature in 2017, coupled with the urgency of the issues we must confront, create a unique moment in which it will be possible to set a new, sustainable course.  This is the time for us to confront New Jersey’s problems head on and to seek consensus on the policies that divide us.  Inaction is a “road” no longer open.

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New Jersey has Traveled a Long Way