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Transportation Must Again Be the Backbone of New Jersey Economy

A strong transportation network is essential for a densely populated corridor state such as New Jersey, where the economy depends on cross-river interstate commuting, regional distribution of goods, and tourism, as well as in-state travel between home and work.

Instead, New Jersey is beset by aging and deteriorating infrastructure that threatens the state’s competitive advantages and quality of life.

In recent years, New Jersey’s public investment in roads, bridges, and mass transit has failed to keep up with needs. Rather than responsibly educate the public about the value of mobility to the state’s prosperity and the need for investment to maintain a robust transportation system, policymakers have dismissed the warning signs and allowed transportation operations to become inadequate and unstable.

The state’s transportation system still has the potential to make life easier for New Jerseyans and propel the state economy if policymakers commit to restoring and maintaining its safety and reliability and act with urgency to support important projects. Necessary steps include:

  • Developing, maintaining, and modernizing a robust, financially stable state transportation network
  • Prioritizing critical interstate connections, beginning with the Gateway projects
  • Streamlining administrative structures to improve planning and increase public engagement
  • Embracing new technology to improve safety and reduce costs