Crossroads NJ

Summary of Grants Awarded for 2013

A $65,000 grant to support advocacy on behalf of low-income children and their families and in support of juvenile justice reform.

A $75,000 grant to increase equity and advance the transparency and accountability of government departments.

A $75,000 grant to support policies that benefit New Jersey's diverse immigrant communities.

A $25,000 grant to advance coastal policies that balance environmental preservation and development.

A $10,000 president’s grant for capacity building.

A $65,000 grant to support the growth of this Network, which aims to eliminate poverty and to ameliorate its effects on New Jersey residents.

A $60,000 grant to advance stormwater policy at the state and local level with the goals of decreasing water pollution, mitigating floodwaters, and recovering rainwater for reuse.

A $15,000 president's grant to underwrite staff and technology tools to enable more strategic education and empowerment of current members, cultivation of potential members, and development of new environmental commissions.

A $1,000 president’s grant to encourage community participation in police and community relations.

A $25,000 grant to foster policies that will expand the impact of the non-profit sector.

A $25,000 grant to promote policies to achieve clearer air and cleaner trucks for the benefit of the local communities and workers.

A $15,000 challenge grant to help the group find new stable footing as part of a larger organization.

A $3,500 grant to ensure that its membership is well informed about Superstorm Sandy’s impact in New Jersey's northern urban communities.

A $25,000 grant to protect the Delaware River through independent science-based advocacy and community engagement, including specific focus on enforcing stormwater rules.

A $40,000 grant to advance policy changes to reduce the number of people in New Jersey incarcerated for drug law violations.

A $75,000 challenge grant to support another television season and thereby to promote serious discussion of important legal and policy issues.

A $100,000 grant to promote sound, systemic environmental policy in the state as New Jersey’s only public interest environmental law firm.

A $10,000 president's grant to support strategic and development plans.

A $40,000 grant (including a $20,000 challenge grant) to make communities healthier by remediating sites contaminated with toxins.

A $125,000 grant to advocate on behalf of disadvantaged public school students seeking equal access to high-quality education.

A $30,000 grant to develop a comprehensive understanding of the issues, challenges, and gaps in policy made evident by Hurricane Sandy and to identify and assess appropriate policy responses to these gaps. 

A $20,000 grant to support the organization's third report which focuses on infrastructure needs and investments in transportation, energy, and the environment.

A 6-month, $50,000 grant to defend the Mt. Laurel doctrine and advocate for increased availability of affordable housing.

A $60,000 challenge grant to ensure the enforcement of federal and state civil rights laws as it applies to housing redevelopment related to Superstorm Sandy.

A 3-month $20,000 grant to support advocacy, education, and implementation related to New Jersey’s marriage equality decision.

A $100,000 grant to support the creation of housing and economic opportunities for low- and moderate-income New Jerseyans.

A $75,000 challenge grant to support outreach and technical assistance related to Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts.

A $40,000 grant to promote health care policies and programs that allow access to medical support for New Jersey residents living with HIV and AIDS, with particular attention to changes necessary due to implementation of the Affordable Care Act and expansion of Medicaid.

A $50,000 grant to advance policy to improve air quality in New Jersey, with particular attention to the well-being of urban residents.

A $100,000 grant to support the Poverty Research Institute which informs the public and decision-makers about the scope, causes, and impacts of poverty in New Jersey.

A $75,000 grant to launch a statewide organization dedicated to immigration policy reform.

An $85,000 grant to support advocacy and public education to promote social and economic justice for low-income families, seniors, minorities, immigrants, women, and workers.

A $60,000 grant to provide policy advocacy on the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion in New Jersey.

A $15,000 president's grant to illuminate the impact of climate change on vulnerable populations.

A $45,000 grant to advance policies that preserve land and natural resources in New Jersey.

A $25,000 grant to promote policies to achieve clearer air and cleaner trucks for the benefit of the local communities and workers.

A $63,750 grant (including a $20,000 challenge grant) to promote enhancement and enforcement of policies to protect water and other resources of the Highlands.

A $50,000 grant to reshape state criminal justice policies to ensure equal access to justice and advance policies that reintegrate formerly incarcerated people.

A $25,000 grant to support research and analysis of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion.

A $100,000 grant to provide high-quality research, analysis, and advocacy on state policy and budget issues, including support for investments in public goods essential to restoring New Jersey’s prosperity and expanding opportunities for struggling families.

A $50,000 grant to support news coverage of critical public policy issues related to New Jersey.

A $37,500 grant to protect New Jersey’s environmental and workplace safety and health safegu.

A $25,000 grant to support post-Superstorm Sandy policy work that focuses on urban coastal residents and infrastructure.

A $25,000 grant to improve water quality in the densely populated New York/New Jersey Harbor Estuary by addressing the problem of Combined Sewer Outfalls through public education, advocacy, and litigation.

A $75,000 grant to inform and engage New Jersey residents through publication of policy news and analysis.

A $50,000 grant to build a grassroots network in support of comprehensive immigration reform. Work in partnership with Wind of the Spirit.

A $25,000 grant to promote enhancement and enforcement of policies to protect water and other natural resources of the Pinelands.

A $20,000 grant to support the Gustav Heningburg Civic Fellows Program.

A $50,000 grant to increase equitable access to high-quality public education for New Jersey's children.

A $30,000 grant to support statewide advocacy for the construction and programming of supportive housing.

A $4,000 president’s grant to support a report on the impact of Superstorm Sandy on New Jersey towns and households.