Grantee Reports 2017

2017 New Jersey Kids Count: A Statewide Profile of Child Well-Being

Advocates for Children of New Jersey (June 2017)

This annual report provides new data on family economic security, early childcare and education, child health and protection, teens and young adults, and immigrant families in New Jersey. Read the full report here or access data through the interactive Annie E. Casey Foundation Kids Count Data Center.

Environmental Policy Guide

New Jersey League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (May 2017)

This report provides a comprehensive environmental policy agenda for its Green in 17' campaign. Recommendations include achieving 100% clean energy by 2050, modernizing public transit, and promoting environmental justice. Read the full report here.

Quality Costs How Much? Estimating the Cost of Quality Child Care in New Jersey

Advocates for Children of New Jersey (April 2017)

The report provides cost estimates of operating a child care center or family child care home at various quality levels. Findings indicate that current funding levels of publicly funded care centers cannot meet higher state standards that define quality and that maintaining quality without an increase in childcare subsidy rates is impossible. Read the full report here.

New Jersey Non-Profits 2017: Trends and Outlook Survey Results

Center for Non-Profits (April 2017)

The report details non-profit funding and expenses, outlook for the coming year, and actions taken by non-profits to address 2017 trends. Read the full report here.

Get the Lead Out: Ensuring Safe Drinking Water for Our Children at School

Environment New Jersey (February 2017)

This report assesses New Jersey’s state policies at a C- for protections for children against lead. Among its recommendations are requiring lead testing in water outlets in schools and disclosing all available information about lead in water infrastructure. Read the full report here.

Bridging the Two Americas: Employment & Economic Opportunity in Newark and Beyond

New Jersey Institute for Social Justice (April 2017)

The report frames NJISJ’s Newark 2020 efforts to create 2,020 jobs by 2020 as it finds that just 18 percent of Newark jobs are held by local residents and only 10 percent of those workers earn at least $40,000 a year. Read the full report here.

Blueprint for Economic Justice and Shared Prosperity

New Jersey Policy Perspective (March 2017)

Blueprint for Economic Justice and Shared Prosperity details how the state can protect and invest in its assets, including education and transportation, and build a vibrant and equitable economy. Read more here.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act Would Devastate New Jersey

New Jersey Policy Perspective (February 2017)

The report found that 1.1 million NJ residents would lose benefits, $4.2 billion in federal funding would be lost each year, 86,000 jobs would be lost, and 777 people would die due to lost insurance. It also provides county specific statistics with infographics. Read the full report here.

State of the Pinelands 2016

Pinelands Preservation Alliance (January 2017)

In its 10th anniversary issue of its annual report Pinelands Preservation Alliance highlights the increased threats to the Pinelands region, stalled environmental policy initiatives to protect the Pinelands, and development projects that have quickly advanced. Read the full report here.