Grantee Reports 2017

Blueprint for Economic Justice and Shared Prosperity

New Jersey Policy Perspective (March 2017)

Blueprint for Economic Justice and Shared Prosperity details how the state can protect and invest in its assets, including education and transportation, and build a vibrant and equitable economy. Read more here.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act Would Devastate New Jersey

New Jersey Policy Perspective (February 2017)

The report found that 1.1 million NJ residents would lose benefits, $4.2 billion in federal funding would be lost each year, 86,000 jobs would be lost, and 777 people would die due to lost insurance. It also provides county specific statistics with infographics. Read the full report here.

State of the Pinelands 2016

Pinelands Preservation Alliance (January 2017)

In its 10th anniversary issue of its annual report Pinelands Preservation Alliance highlights the increased threats to the Pinelands region, stalled environmental policy initiatives to protect the Pinelands, and development projects that have quickly advanced. Read the full report here.